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Meet Steve MONAS 

Making Change Together

Steve Monas is running for Hawaii House of Representatives District
14. As he says, "Driving profitable change is what I do best." With
his extensive background in business he is ideally suited to
understanding how to use this position and funds to help small
businesses and farmers. His goal is to create a robust and sustainable
economy. He is committed to helping small enterprises. He is committed
to promoting farmers (non GMO), sustainability, small businesses,
entrepreneurship and community.

He holds special appreciation for those in education and those on the
front lines. Raising their wages and improving the education system is
part of his commitment. As a single father of 3 he recognizes the
importance of our teachers and making things better for them and for our
children. He will assist our teachers by giving them the support and
resources to help our keiki have the best experience and education
possible. Steve has worked for companies in the healthcare, technology,
educational, and power sectors, giving him an understanding of these
fields and how best to assist them.

To close in his words "I bring positive energy and decisive leadership
to each challenge." He looks forward to the honor of your support and
dedicating his energy and leadership to helping district 14 of Kauai.


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